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November 26, 2020


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We had six people. Four pies: Pecan, pumpkin, apple, and chocolate pudding.

Of course, the people making the pumpkin and chocolate pudding pies accidentally made too much filling so both of those pies have secret back-up pies waiting in the wings. And there's a socially-distant pie exchange from the great pie maker who couldn't come this year happening on Saturday.

So I am very glad to see that you, an expert cook, have OK this level of pie-ness.

Sounds like a good ratio to me!

A. Not a bit of it. Especially this year.
B. Help me out? The pumpkin and pecan are easy to ID, as is the whipped cream (again, in entirely appropriate quantities). But is that some kind of cranberry concoction? And the promised key lime pie?
Hope it was all tasty and happy!

Yep, it's called a Nantucket cranberry pie (but it's really a cake). Recipe linked in the recent post called "This is not a post about baby hiccups."

(and also very very lime-y key lime pie)

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