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November 01, 2020


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I think that dog is thrilled to be with nice people. I read your description of him to K. He laughed so hard.

I have started the month well. one of 30 posts done.

My oldest is in Seattle, and we are in Indy. We are having the same conversations about the holidays. It's so hard! My godfather is also in Seattle, so she potentially has someone to be with besides friends and families of friends, but he is 80 and I am not sure she should spend time with him either, though I do think people in Seattle are generally doing a better job of managing COVID than they are out here, so maybe it would be ok.

Related to your previous entry about blogging in general...I miss the old days, too. Though I never had a blog of my own, I followed a great many and it's been sad to see them dying out over the years. Thanks for hanging in there. I have appreciated "knowing you" over the years, and think we'd be friends in real life based on shared interests and nerdiness quotient. I do feel it's unfair that you've put a lot more of yourself out there than I have--sorry for being a bad "friend"!! (I hope it's not weird to be saying these things, not any weirder than anything else in 2020 at least.)

On a separate note--it's fun to see the pics of your family!

Take care, hang in there.

1. Is the dog wearing a tie to Mass?!!
2. Your youngest kids are big now!
3. I would totally love to read a post about what's on the Dinner Request section of your whiteboard.

coming back to discuss elder child coming home. My eldest lives in Illinois now, near STL. He called up a month ago wanting to visit. We decided that he could come. We got him a hotel room and if inside, we increased ventilation and all wore masks. I gave him one hug a day carefully and washed afterwards. We sat outside at a distance and talked. we had him wash his hands a lot. For us, it was worth the risk. all that said... the virus was lower a month ago. it is going to be winter there and harder to have ventilation. but I would consider it even so. Matt is not coming for Christmas. He and his gf are figuring out a visit with her family. probably at a hotel. This is so hard.

Fly him in. Get a rapid test. Celebrate.


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