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November 07, 2020


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Endless applause for you!!

Amen, Jamie.

And as a long-time Canadian Catholic reader and mother, the 20 week maternity leave + 35 week parental leave (which can be taken by the other parent and/or adoptive parents, and can be split and shared so parents are off simultaneously) is administered through our existing employment insurance system into which all employees pay. And in single income families, the working parent can (and often does) take the leave. Employers don’t necessarily pay anything while your are on leave! Some top up your salary, many continue to pay life insurance and prescription/dental benefits. I should also note that the same dollar amount can now be spread over 18 months (lower biweekly payout), allowing for a parent to be at home for longer, if they can swing it/choose to.

And for businesses — offering year-long acting positions or contract positions works well for young professionals to gain experience and for career development and growth.

And FWIW, during my 3 very complicated deliveries, with midwives and OB coordinated care, we paid for: parking.

Praying for you as you work for these measures.,

THIS is what I've been trying to articulate! Thank you!

I couldn't agree with you more. I'm in the UK and what I read about American healthcare beggars belief.

If you are reading this and thinking grumbly thoughts like “Not business-friendly! Not fiscally responsible!” then I invite you -– gently, respectfully -– to consider how much of a priority it should be for the pro-life movement to be business-friendly rather than mother/baby-friendly.

As you say, the UK is hardly a hotbed of pro-life campaigning, but I am intensely grateful at the support I have had while having my two children...for free. I think it's also a cultural thing. People talk about taking time out for babies being bad for your career and so on, but it's always assumed that the default is taking a significant (to you Americans!) amount of time off if you can swing it. Sure, many people can't, but maternity leaves of a year are not at all unusual for professional women. In fact, the more professional you are, the more likely you are to have a long maternity leave because you'll be working for a company that can afford it.

Women are not having abortions for funsies.

This, to me, is the crux of the abortion debate. WHY are women having abortions? And how, as you say, can we remove those obstacles to another baby? Again, I think it is partly practical/financial and partly cultural. I would be interested to have some good statistics on abortion by social class in the UK. I suspect a lot of middle class women are having them more because another baby will...

Hm. I've thought long and hard about how to express this thought without being rude. Rejected options include: "cramp their style" "ruin their lifestyle" "set their goals back"

But it's really a philosophical thing about control. I have given up a lot of control since having my babies. As a Catholic I can give that control up to and for God. In a secular society, there is no worthwhile underlying reason to give up control. It's not about selfishness, it's a difference in thinking about what is reasonable to expect from life and what one is entitled to. Man makes plans, God laughs. But then man sticks two fingers up at God and decides to go through with their plan anyway, no matter what the consequences.

I actually blogged about this the other day in my philosophical treatise on turning thirty. "Family planning" education means planning to not have a family. The wisdom I would most like to impart to my teenaged self and her peers is planning for the possibility of having a family, and how to arrange their life around it.

I really think that the thing that would most improve the lives of mothers today (realistically, anyway!) is the availability of part time work at all levels of the income/social spectrum. At the moment it's SAHM vs career powerhouse. Women look at the idea of SAHM and decide it's not for them, so better have an abortion. I'm not someone who thinks you can "have it all", but what if you could work and pick your children up from school? What if you COULD balance work and life and be an investment banker half the time and a mum the other half?

Thank you for writing this. In so many ways, we are missing what truly matters. It has been a lonely season to be a Catholic between parties.


Please send this to the Biden/Harris team (and alllllll the congresspeople) toute de suite!

Thank you for writing this, Jamie. You articulated so well something that I have repeatedly tried to put forward to pro-life friends. Yes, there are reasons that women contemplate and elect to have abortions. Addressing those reasons, as you have laid out above, seems completely in line with the teachings of Christ.

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