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November 20, 2020


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Ha! Fantastic!

My son and I were out for our weekly walk to the library to pick up our holds yesterday; generally, people have always been quite excellent about stepping out of our way (he pushes me in my wheelchair). The kids scatter, dogwalkers turn aside, etc. At one point yesterday we spotted a cluster of preteen boys across the street, each a good 8ft apart, all masked yay, animatedly talking, it's great to see the kids abiding... But then we passed a set of adults who made no effort to move, so we had to squeeze past, and the woman had her mask dangling from one ear, talking with great energy and I turned my head away as we skimmed past them, thinking thoughts at her, you know? Where we are the outbreak is so severe, it's scary. Sigh.


It's great - and Iam still fascinated how also great your (in a double sense) haircut is!

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