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November 18, 2020


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My SIL and I read Being Mortal as her dad/my FIL was dying in 2015 and have recommended it to everyone since.

I don't think we need to assume he is secretly plotting. I do think it is fair to worry he may not *value* our elder years as much as we want him to.

It may ring a little bit like saying, "We have chosen {extended breastfeeding} for our family" and having everyone else freak out about how you are judging them just by making your own choice, but cases are different when one is a private party vs explicitly put in charge of, say, WIC. In the second case, I think people expecting support for their formula costs might have some very legitimate questions, even concerns. Concerns that may end up addressed, but still - valid concerns at the get-go.

I did not read Emanuel's article, but it seems to me that it could lead to the "safe, legal and rare" argument about ending life.

I haven't read the article you mention, but I am in agreement that end-of-life care should not mean "extend life at all costs." A coworker's mom recently passed; she's elderly and has been ill for a couple of years now. Plus COVID had her isolated in her care home. Coworker was adamant that she'd rather her mom have a good life, whatever was left, than a long life that was miserable. She had to fight the doctor on that, more than she should have had to. I've also seen elderly relatives sent to the ER multiple times, only to be sent home and have it happen a few months later, with the time in-between not the most pleasant in the world.

I've told you about my Catholic Social Teaching class at work. We had a whole session on this. The same conclusion was reached in that class.

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