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October 30, 2020


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I'm glad you are still here, filling up my feed reader.

I reconnected to Twitter because refreshing CNN wasn't giving me enough Covid and election news, I guess, but I'm glad to see your posts again.

I have been reading you for years and years. Pre Stella.

We should just be friends now. We have connected on Ravlelry.

I read you in my email and can’t respond from there, but love every post.

So I’m here! I’m reading! Keep up the good work.

You write it, I read it. I like that plan!

I have been thinking about doing an old fashioned NaBloPoMo... by which ai mean there will be good posts for a whil, then a string of short oh this is a blog post to keep the string going!! but I am always up for a post from Jamie. Maybe I will write a post about how two toddlers were allowed to create a huge mess in a kitchen one day...

I'm still plugging away, quietly posting a couple times a week ... 14 years now ... https://penelopestarrise.blogspot.com/ .... Bless. My baby was four when I began ... I do look back rather wistfully at the heyday of the homeschooling mother blogger days when people wrote several times a week, and where there were comfortable chats in the combox on the regular. Ah well. I write because it is in my soul, I still read, where folks still write (thank you Jamie!) ...

I found your blog after the golden days of blogging, and am glad you are still doing it! I enjoy your posts immensely.

Oh, wow, Penelope's baby was four 14 years ago -- my oldest was too! When I started blogging in 2004 my youngest was a newbon.

I never used a feed reader, I love clicking through the actual blogs, with their design, their color, their photos. Nah, I'm REALLY old school, no readers for me. hahaha

Wow, NaBloPoMo... wow, I did several of those. I am in AWE that you've persevered and done it every year. Maybe I'll join you this year, for a change.

I can think of worse ways to spend November than re-committing to an old blog practice. If nothing else, nostalgia for the years when lots of people did it can be a comfort, right?

Yours is one of the only blogs in my feed reader that hasn't been taken over by an ad-farm squatter. I don't pay you back in comments as I should, but I'm always glad to see your posts.

keep posting! keep that Typepad intern employed! :) We love to see it. (I still post but it's private, and not very good if I'm honest. If you'd like a link let me know in email.)

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