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October 14, 2020


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I was just telling someone else today about a local restaurant chain that replaced their side of potatoes with a small side of dressed salad greens. If you have Bibb lettuce, I can honestly say that Chrissy Teigen’s Asian lettuce wraps are something delicious.

Wilted lettuce, although more often it's spinach. I have never in my life heard it called "killed."

I've often made this with baby spinach. I've always heard it called a wilted salad, though. "Killed" is a new one on me. I don't think I ever heard of this growing up, though. I think I encountered it about the time I was in grad school.

I had never heard "killed" either. I have never tried it with romaine or iceberg type lettuces, but I have done wilted greens with arugula or spinach. I am kind of sad that I do not have an overload of lettuce right now! However, I do have a bunch of tiny sprouts in my garden and who knows, maybe they'll get big enough before real winter sets in that I can enjoy some killed lettuce salad. (Or I can buy some lettuce!!) YUM!

Never heard of it here in Germany (and in Croatia either) but sounds very much worth a try!

I have a recipe from my grandmother that is a hot lettuce salad, and I vaguely remember bacon with it. So I might have to find it and see if it resembles your killed lettuce salad.

From Texas and subsequently north Florida and Georgia (whew!) and I've always just known that as the only kind of Spinach Salad there is. ;) Never heard it called "killed." Funny!

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