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October 20, 2020


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J is still in band (he's been in school all day every day since Aug 11). However, the band only just moved inside this week -- they've been marching outside but marching season is now over. The flutes have these little ... guard thingies. All other instruments have little masks on them. It's sort of comical. Who knows whether it's helping. But being in band DEFINITELY helped J's mental state and his ability to make friends in a giant new school. For us, the risk made sense but I can definitely see where others make a different decision. (We have no chorus people [kids inherited my lack of ability to sing] but I don't know that I'd have them continue to do chorus).

We did get an email this morning that there is a band kid that tested positive, and the county health department has determined that J is low-risk.

Like you, our numbers are rising in a bad bad way, so I'm not sure how much longer they'll be in school. :( But holding on to hope that it'll be ok.

Well, here in Germany the numbers are also rising, and yes you can only guess from decision to decision. Which is definitly harder if you have to decide for others (children) than only for yourself.

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