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October 08, 2020


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Instead of traveling to family, we’re staying home. We’ll make a TG turkey but not as many sides and in small quantities. The only thing we use leftover is the meat, which will be turned into turkey pies for the freezer. For Christmas we’ll have a Sunday dinner roast of some sort. I’m leaning towards a pork loin roast since we all like that. Fancy snacks will be set out both days. Christmas dessert will just be cookies.

I'm not ready to face Christmas yet. My 80+ mom wants to buy her airplane ticket and we are all blanching. But us flying to visit her wouldn't be better.

We’re flying to California for Thanksgiving week. We’re driving for Christmas. The grandparents want to see their grandkids. They have said they *live* for seeing the kids. We know that even in a Covid-free world, we have a limited time with them left. We will travel to see them, just as they traveled to see us this summer.

I am with Calee. I'm the over-65 grandparent who would rather eventually die alone on a ventilator than not see and hug my children and grandchildren on a regular basis. When in public I wear a mask, keep my distance, and use reasonable precautions, but my family is more important than me being "safe", which nobody ever totally is. Christmas and Thanksgiving are on.

We've only discussed Thanksgiving, and I told my in-laws that if they're having the normal extra people, we probably won't come. My MIL looked relieved, like she could use me as an excuse (fine with me!) and keep it just the two of them and the five of us. I haven't thought about Christmas, but I expect I'll have the same restrictions.

Maybe this is a good thing about having multiple kids? It's a biggish gathering no matter what?

I haven't been able to think much past the next week, so I haven't really planned yet -- which is how I was in pre-Covid times too. But I do think we'll visit family at Thanksgiving at least. Not sure on Christmas. Lots of FaceTime calls?

We just learned on Sun that parents-in-law and sis-in-law would like to drive in for TG, after doing rapid COVID tests. Not sure if we'll do an event together with my local family (mom, bro, sis-in-law, and probably max 2 teen/adult kids as the other 2 are away at college/military), but we might. My mom's house is pretty spacious so we could conceivably do it there to allow greater distancing, but not sure. I feel weird about the whole thing, but do appreciate the point of view that the grandparents all have (even if in this case it's more about seeing their kids than their grandkids!) We haven't discussed Xmas yet...

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