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October 01, 2020


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A previous owner buried them for grandchildren to discover. The grandchildren immediately lost interest in digging for treasure...

"Little Benny can play right here in the dirt while I plant these half-price perennials," thought Mr. Past Owner, crouching down nearby and not feeling his two-year-old reach into his back pocket.

(I don't know if that explains the broken one, though. Maybe there was a curious family dog with strong jaws also helping to watch Little Two-Year-Old Benny? Never having owned a dog, I can't estimate those odds very well.)

I just finished teaching Jekyll and Hyde, so broken keys make me think...maybe the keys' owner was regularly escaping home (albeit in a "mask") to party in dangerous ways, and decided this was a bad idea, so he not only broke the key, but buried it in the backyard, so there was no chance of taking that car anywhere!

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