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October 10, 2020


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I just finished the audiobook Code Name Helene, and enjoyed it very much, but cried a lot at parts. The author's note at the end mentions that she likes to explore what good marriages look like, which I found interesting, and very moving regarding the ending. The true story upon which the book is built is also amazing.... I found it a little terrifying to consider what daily life in Vichy France must have been like, or life under occupation, but also strengthening to get little vignettes of what heroism looks like in everyday life.

I really liked Code Name Verity. Like you I tore through it and it blew me away. And I also really liked Rose Under Fire, which was a very different sort of novel and intense in a different sort of way. However, I didn't like the prequel, The Pearl Thief, nearly as much. It was a very different sort of story and while I thought I wanted more backstory about the characters, it was ultimately unsatisfying and I almost wished I hadn't read it.

THANK YOU. I am always looking for a good book. I recently read "Trick Mirror" by Jia Tolentino and it's a very interesting work (short pieces, not a novel). Very feminist. I enjoyed it.

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