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September 19, 2020


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I think he would adjust, especially with a solid beginning. That dog adores you. You could always hire a dog walker/sitter to visit him once a day. says me who will never have a dog bc Rob is terrified of them. and i am a solid cat person who is contemplating getting another cat soon.

He hates to be alone *now*. Do you have an idea of his age? My rescue was very much like Ziggy when we got him. He was eager to love, very high energy and full of separation anxiety. We walked him about 5x a day between the four of us. When we did have to leave, it would be after a walk and he’d get a treat in the crate with the tv left on. He graduated to being left in one room and then stepped up to having the run of the house.

Once he has a sense of security he will associate being alone with a treat and a nap. The treats we use are high value; a kong with rice cakes broken up and topped off with the store version of Easy Cheese. For added bang to your buck you can freeze it and it keeps him occupied longer.

I think the above comments are good and I will add: the best adoptions are when the animal chooses the adopter.

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