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September 14, 2020


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My 5th grader is home today; usually he's in school but his sore throat makes him stay here. Already with the technical issues and "can't hear the teacher" and whatnot. It's so frustrating for everyone involved. No wonder we're all weepy and scattered. :(

I don't know how people with wee kids do. It's bad enough with a middle schooler and a high schooler.

SO feeling you on this one. Since I'm "home all day," (fulltime job, mind you) it must be a breeze to drive carpool for the in-person-schooler at 2:45pm, or makeup another kid's piano lesson in the middle of the day. Or go drop off a form at the front office. Sure! And I WANT to eat lunch with my virtual-schooler, at home, at his break-time. But it's not really a great time for MY schedule. There is no "flow," that's for sure.

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