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September 25, 2020


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I don’t think the choice was made to polarize us, because he doesn’t care about us. It was made to help his re-election.

I think that it is sad when I'm surprised but pleased when a Republican court nominee passes the first test:

* Most likely not a rapist.

When this is an actual standard that is not a given, our country is in deep trouble.

I would love to see an experiment where 2 people, one conservative and one liberal, lived in a bubble of only the other side’s media for 40 days. There would be some good conversations.

I, for one, have been hoping for ACB all week.

Agreed. Like and admire her, dislike Trump.
Church Life Journal had a great opinion piece this week called "Holding Your Nose: How to Vote Like a Catholic" which managed to describe a lot of my discomfort about this election.

Yeah, where was she when the white, male, perp was the choice?

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