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August 11, 2020


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I find it very funny indeed. But of course I work for an insurance company, so insurance fraud jokes are de rigeur around here. 😁

As the owner of 1999 Lincoln town car (such a solid first vehicle for new drivers!), I so understand the point of diminishing return with it. So today I am dragging my younger son to Long Island to look at a used car. A 2017 feels positively decadent!

I read that Hertz will be selling off a large number of vehicles as it deals with bankruptcy...so maybe there'll be a good deal? Or maybe the models will be too new for the prices to fit voluntary automotive poverty? Either way, just a mention.

I bet you all would find a creative strategy for insurance fraud if you did commit to it, though. Or at least have fun calculating how many Mentos you would need to get into the gas tank, and how much Diet Coke to pour in, before you hit insurance-claim status, or something like that.

My friends' old, old car was limping along and they were looking at using it for the Scrap It program we have here to get a new electric vehicle. But you don't get much money for Scrap It and you have to buy a new car at a dealer. They had just found the perfect EV on Craigslist and were contemplating just giving up the Scrap It money when someone literally tore down their street high on heroin and destroyed several cars -- including their junker. No one was hurt, the person was caught (he was also uninjured, thank goodness), and they're getting a nice check from the insurance that will cover the car they found on Craigslist. It sounds like a fraud story, but it actually happened! So maybe something similar, though less dramatic and minus the heroin, will happen to your car? A freak storm that leaves everything else unscathed? A rotten tree branch that falls in just the right place? Maybe start parking under sketchy tree branches just in case. Seriously, though, I hope you get your new van and that it isn't too painful.

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