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August 24, 2020


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Oh no, I’m so sorry to read this! And also not really surprised, but what a sudden shift in tone and content from your recent posts. A sobering reminder of how quickly things can change with this situation.

I live in a college town too, home to a small LAC that decided a few weeks ago to go all online for the fall semester. Students have arrived in town anyway, though. If you had a lease lined up, or your summer housing situation was going to end and you had no alternate plan, you're showing up in our small, remote town with a 6 bed ICU in a former community hospital that got hostile takeovered half a decade or more ago, and then systematically pillaged and stripped of almost every service and department.

Not reassuring for us locals—or, I imagine, the students, or their families.

Oh goodness, what a scary thing to have to witness.

The university I work at has been in session for a week now. The campus and the county case counts have remained low so far but I still feel that it's only a matter of time before the wheels fall off here, too.

Our state just had the highest weekly case count total since the pandemic started. :( Some of this is because of college students being required to be tested. Some of it is also, I think, because our state athletics board is going to let K-12 fall sports start happening soon even though many districts are not opening in person yet. And so many parents are taking their kids to get tested for sports reasons, and hey, unsurprisingly we now have a bunch more known cases of kids under 18 who are covid positive. :(

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