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August 02, 2020


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If I had a front walk I would absolutely do that... Oh, wait, there IS a walk, but almost nobody uses it. Would I go out the front instead of the side if I had an herb walk?

Calendula! Nasturtiums! Tulsi! Those can be lovely, flowering additions to your herb walk!

Oh what a lovely herb garden!

We have basil in a pot on the back patio and mint along the back of the house and a patch of oregano that's just taken up residence and spreads like crazy. I've never bothered with cilantro because we use it by the bunch and it bolts. I just buy the stuff.

An herby front walk seems like it would attract visitors, that is, in normal times! It's always fun to see how garden beds evolve and change. I'm a little envious of your dedicated herb patch.

I presume they were watering the herbs with their water guns 7 short years ago? Cute!

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