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August 14, 2020


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I just want to say, please never stop posting what you make for dinner...I like to cook, but I hate deciding what to make, and your Gladly household meals are often great inspiration for me! When you posted this the other day I thought "ding! I have a pork loin and gochujang and cilantro and mint and this sounds divine." A few days later when I got around to making it, I discovered I was out of gochujang so I threw together a different Asian sauce in my (knockoff) Instant Pot, and I had a different assortment of veggies in the dressing, but that dressing--wow! Much better than the various things I've tried so far in Buddha bowl meals. I will be making that dressing forever! You also turned me on to the "my heart beets" blog and all of its onion masala puck goodness. I've made various dals and saags and we've even done homemade roti on the side. I feel very much like I owe you some good recipes....maybe I'll drop you one by email sometime. THANKS! Hope you have a wonderful sabbatical, and that you cook a lot. ;-)

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