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August 03, 2020


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It will jazz up rice and couscous, too!

That was inspiring! When I first learned to make pesto, it was from our village newspaper, and the woman who gave us her recipe for basil pesto (with sunflower seeds) said their family always smeared it on steamed green beans. We began eating it that way and continued for decades; it was always a little sad if we ran out of pesto (I learned to make it more often with walnuts or pine nuts) and had plain green beans.

I'll save your post with all its great ideas.

We just bought a stock of pine nuts because we are drowning in garden basil. I like Parmesan in pesto for the extra hint of umami.

LOVE THIS POST! More ideas for what to do with all the pesto in our freezer. It's mostly basil pesto but I confess I have a small container of dill pesto in the fridge too. (What can I say? I'm Lithuanian.) Actually, the best thing about Lithuanian dill pesto (which isn't a Lithuanian thing at all, and rather something we in the diaspora have experimented with) is that the Lithuanian word for dill is krapas, so we call it krapesto and giggle.

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