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July 22, 2020


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I'm super impressed!

Laughing at the Gains Fairy.

I have just spent a month with the 19yo and 16yo both at home. They pooled their money and bought a grocery-bag-sized sack of powder they called “Mass Gainer,” which as far as I can tell is extra-caloric, finely-pulverized oatmeal or something.

Why? Why would you consume an extra 1800 calories in this form, instead of bacon cheeseburgers or chocolate ice cream or lobster bisque? It isn’t even cheaper than real food. I am baffled.

I will ask the Gains Fairy next time I see her. She has been dropping by my place more frequently since March.

I've been considering pull-ups, since I have a deficiency of upper body strength. I think I have a resistance band somewhere, since my dancer used one last year, but here's my own work-around: squatting pull-ups (or chin-ups). I set the bar in our weight rack on the highest setting, then I hold it and squat down. From that position, toes on the floor, I pull as much of my body weight as I can. Obviously this requires nowhere near the strength that a real unaided pull-up does, but that's the advantage for those of us who don't already have this strength. Already it's getting more manageable for me to pull this way. (I also don't have a place in our workout area in the basement to install a full-height pull-up bar, so this helps me work around that.)

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