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July 26, 2020


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That tapenade sounds delightful. I think I need to make some.

I am so grateful right now that I live in a state where masks were mandated before lockdown restrictions were lifted. Not that people are perfectly complying-- they aren't. But I think the baseline is much closer to what I'm comfortable with.

We went to the beach briefly yesterday and while we did not wear masks-- solidarity with the child with anxiety who is paralyzed by the idea of putting a mask on her face-- neither was anyone on the beach remotely within a dozen feet of anyone else not of their party.

So far because of the two kids with anxiety disorders we've only done whole-family outings at parks where we can keep enough distance not to worry about masks. I'm glad there are such places nearby.

It makes me sad that all of my (above age of reason) children, along with my husband and me, react viscerally to scenes of people close together. Not just when it's in the present and in your presence, where it actually is a worrisome thing, but also in a movie from years ago, or in pictures from last summer.... All of us go, "Oh, no, too crowded!" It used to be funny - a kind of dark inside joke - back in the spring. Now, it's hard to move past, and I wonder how we will heal once the pandemic has passed.

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