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July 19, 2020


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Happy birthday! I would love to hear your thoughts about launching teenagers into the world.

Happy Birthday! I love that we share a birth month and year.

We were going to Edinburgh and London for my/our fiftieth. And like you, I'm now looking ahead with hope to 2022.

I can't decide whether to ask you to blog about teaching in the age of Covid, and decisions your kids made about on-campus instruction (all three of mine are currently planning to go back, but the one nearest home maybe wants to stay here, and I can't decide whether that's the right choice or not), or ask you to blog about ANYTHING ELSE.

I really need to develop some CBT skills because my self-talk right now is a mess.

Good morning and happy birthday, Jamie! Welcome to this new decade. I've been here five weeks and so far I need to eat more bran, I've developed a repetitive use injury in my hand (likely from iPhone use), and I think I pulled a muscle in my stomach when I sneezed yesterday. But the sun comes up, the flowers bloom, I enjoy reading the musings of good friends like you, and God is in control of all things. Let's lean into Him more closely so he can pull this world together!

I hope your day is fantastic!

Happy birthday!! I'm happy to read thoughts about anything, really....my own blog is long dormant, but I do love reading others.

Happy birthday to a loving, kind person. I so treasure our friendship, and wish you a beautiful year!!

Happy Birthday! I'm so thrilled you'll be blogging more. Have a great day.

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, Jamie! I always forget we share a birthday month. I will be 55 in a week and officially a senior citizen some places. I don't feel like a senior citizen most of the time. I am also trying not to think ahead too much though I'm still hoping for another cabin adventure in August if we can find the right fit. As for writing - well, anything you want. I enjoy it all. I won't make the same promise to blog, since I rarely write anything these days. Happy birthday again, my friend.

Happy Birthday!

Blog ideas -- how about books that were popular among all the kids, from picture books to middle grade? Or ones that had one hold out despite all the siblings raving?

Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday! It’s been a true joy, a constant comfort, and a lot of learning, reading your thoughts over the years. Thank you so, so, so much.

Happy birthday!

If you ever felt like expanding on your croissants series, you would have at least one avid reader. I am curious about your thoughts on age-appropriate expectations, especially for bright kids who may not be exactly intellectually/emotionally/physically 'in sync'.

I enjoy all your posts, though. Thank you!

happy birthday 2 days later! I am grateful for you and wish you loveliness this year, in spite of it all! :)

Happy birthday! I love reading almost anything you write, but I know that may not be helpful. I'd love to know your further thoughts on turning 50 (I'll be 51 next month) and am inspired by your thinking about picking up Swann's Way--I've had several false starts with it and was eying it at the beginning of the summer.

Bon anniversaire, even if you're not currently snacking on pain aux raisins (which my husband enjoyed when he spent a semester in Paris as a college student)! I'm always up for food posts or anecdotes about witty things your kids say. Faith-related musings welcome also, and I also liked your speech-development posts even when I couldn't understand all the terms - though I'm not familiar enough with the topic to know whether that'd still be a thing now that your kids are all older.

Happy birthday! I hate to tell you what to write about, because what I love about other people's blogging is that they write about issues and thoughts and situations that I might not consider on my own. So, here's to more blogging, and more you!

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