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June 20, 2020


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I could only see one picture and that wasn't enough!!!! I need more pictures please!!!

WAIT I reread and why is Champ only staying for a short time?? JAMIE, I NEED SO MUCH MORE INFORMATION!!!

Champ is staying here temporarily because he is a foster dog. Not everybody here was on the same page about adopting a dog, so we were looking for a more short-term arrangement.

We have three foster fails currently sleeping in the sun at our place. All were working cats that had either been left behind or were being neglected. One who is getting spayed tomorrow was nearly dead when we got her in Dec. she was covered in oil and mats and weighed next to nothing.

Now they are all queens who live the life of Reilly. Animals blossom under love.

is Champ's style by any chance inspired by Archy and Mehitabel? If so, excited, because I thought this book had been totally forgotten! (and I love it.)

If not, never mind, sorry for asking nonsensical questions in your space.

Either way, he is a beautiful dog, thanks for sharing.

I hope he stays for a long time, because "Champ Gladly" has a nice ring to it.

Unless, of course, he takes to champing gladly on to forbidden objects.

Awwwww.... I absolutely love the writing of this post! So moving at times, I almost cried. But then again, I’m super soft hearted. Sigh./
.. I haven’t checked your blog in ages! :-( it’s late but I needed to check you on my phone before going to sleep!

Doggo! You got a good Doggo! Hello Champ!
More pictures please!

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