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June 06, 2020


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Where is the like button? I was nodding along so hard.

J made his confirmation last week. There was an entire family, 10 strong, that knelt and took communion on the tongue, despite the directives. I am thankful we were ahead of them in line. They put the priest in a horrible position.

I am staying home until people can behave.

I have been dismayed that so many people in our greater homeschooling community have been looking for Masses where they can disobey the mask requirement and receive on the tongue.

I'm almost even more shocked at the people who are saying, well, we can't receive on the tongue, so I guess I won't be receiving communion.

I dunno.

I went to Mass this past Sunday with my oldest and youngest, the only two of my kids who felt comfortable with the idea of wearing a mask. And yes it was weird and uncomfortable to be at Mass in a mask, to have pews taped off with yellow caution tape, to be so far away from everyone.

But when I received Jesus for the first time since mid-March... I started sobbing. Not quiet eye-leaking, but sobs that I'm pretty sure people on the other side of the church could hear. It was so good to receive him again. Worth the discomfort and awkwardness. Worth putting aside my preferences. He's so worth it. And our vulnerable neighbors are so worth protecting too.

How are people missing the target so completely? I just don't get it.

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