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May 28, 2020


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I disagree that implicit bias is helpful in the problem of definitions that you describe.

Anyone can experience implicit bias from anyone else. White people do not have a monopoly on bias and prejudice.

Racism is prejudice plus power. White people in the United States cannot be the victims of racism. The solution to a problem of definitions is to repeat this definition frequently, loudly, and overtly--racism is prejudice plus power.

I attempted to follow up with Kate via email, which is the channel where I'm most likely to respond to comments these days.

Hi, Kate, thanks for stopping by -- it's nice to hear from you.

I think many people don't realize that they're carrying prejudice around, and are not open to hearing that they may in fact need to address it. That's where I think the implicit bias tests are useful, because they look in a small way at what's going on under the hood: a person can be prejudiced without realizing it. When people insist they're not prejudiced, they don't view themselves as part of the problem of racism.

I did not mean in any way to suggest that white people can be victims of racism, and I would be happy to edit the post (in a transparent way) if that's what it wound up sounding like.

Hope you are well.

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