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May 21, 2020


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I once shared a bedroom with a jumping spider. Its terrarium sat on top of our chest of drawers. The perfect model for my husband's arthropod macrophotography, it became a semi-famous jumping spider - we still have photos of him around the house and on t-shirts, and one won a prize. We fed it crickets (and once, accidentally, another jumping spider).

(Assuming you're talking about the same type of jumping spider I am - the small fuzzy ones that tend not to bite?)

Where we live now, there are too few, which makes several family members sad. Black widows and brown recluses and wolf spiders are less friendly and much less cute.

I won't comment on jumping spiders for fear of attracting them.

I think wolf spiders are fascinating, especially during the very brief moments when their babies are crowded onto their backs in seething masses. But brown recluses and black widows are indeed much less cute. (We had a recluse in our garage last spring, and I nearly put my hand on it before I saw it.)

Mayo on grilled cheese is disgusting. I've done olive oil in the pan for crisping instead, and that can work, but butter is the gold standard.

Yikes, mayo *in* grilled cheese would have traumatized Young Me, too. I haven't tried it on the outside because people are often wrong when they tell me I can't taste the mayo in/on things, and though I dislike it less, I still don't love it. (My grilled-cheese pan-greaser of choice is bacon grease.)

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