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May 02, 2020


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Haha! That’s a great title!!

Our appliance MO is to watch YouTube videos and hope for the best. We’ve rescued a dying dryer more than once by changing slide bearings and the belt. Unfortunately, the vacuum quit two days ago, with a burning smell and a refusal to suck. With many daughters sporting loooong hair, I can’t ignore it for long...

Vive la WD40!!

You might have to place legal dibs on "Fingers Crossed." It's a great company name for anyone with a sense of humor.

There was a funny trickling noise coming from our freezer once at 3:30 am. I opened the door to check it out and freezing cold water poured down onto me and my PJs! It seems whatever sensor tells the automatic ice maker to stop filling the ice tray had slept through its duty.

I was also up for the day! haha!

We repaired our dishwasher and dryer in the first week of the pandemic. We would call our company, Youtube educated.

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