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May 19, 2020


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And! If you factor the x in your equation and rationalise the surd, you can make it even prettier. (surd(2)-1)/surd(2) is approximately 0.4/1.4 = 2/7. Depending on how good your mental arithmetic is, you could potentially calculate 2/7 the number of stitches without recourse to paper or calculator to get the number of rows. The approximation should come out in the wash unless you have a ginormous (>100 stitches) square, since you only care about whole stitches anyway.

This is what grad school physics was for, right?

This makes my head hurt. :-)

I suspect that any grab-bag blanket I knit from remnants will be of the "knit two rows, then change yarns" variety.

Luckily I've basically not been knitting these last few years, so there are UFOs that call for my attention first.

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