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May 17, 2020


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We moved from California to Houston just over a week ago and we’re able to attend the Orthodox Divine Liturgy for the first time in 8 weeks today. Not ashamed at how I cried after receiving the Eucharist. My husband had a giddy grin all afternoon and he eventually exclaimed, it was so good to go to Church. Even in a crowd of strangers, (who will eventually hopefully be friends and “koumbari” (family through baptism and marriage sacraments) it was so clear you are right— it is not good for man to alone.

Oh, that was beautiful.
We were allowed to go back last week but have decided to keep watching online for the forseeable. We'll be back at the end of the month for my oldest's confirmation.
We've been watching mass daily online. I've never gone to daily mass for this long of a stretch and it has been most excellent, so in a way I've grown during this time away from mass together at church.

This sounds lovely. I'm so pleased for you.

A couple of years ago, our pastor memorably spent one entire Eucharistic prayer coughing vigorously over the unbroken host, so much so that our entire family declined to receive that element. We have had access to drive-through communion but the memory of that Sunday has us determined to wait. But I grew up in a Lutheran church that only did communion on the first Sunday of each month and on holidays, so the effects of going without are different for me. I do miss hymns incredibly, and wonder where singing will fit in worship until a vaccine arrives.

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