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May 16, 2020


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Wait, somehow I missed the selection announcement! I'll have to go off to Gutenberg and get myself a copy.... So yes planning to read with; no, haven't read a page.

I’ve also found Oliver’s “good” blood’s effects eye-rollingly annoying (even his diction is well-bred, workhouse child though he is!) But I think (as with Esther) Dickens is trying to make a case against the stigma of illegitimacy, which he keeps reminding us doesn’t mark these children for sin from birth. So even though they have solidly middle-class parents, both Oliver and Esther would (Dickens argues, wrongly) have seemed to many of those around them like they had ‘bad’ blood (think of Shakespeare’s villainous bastard Edmund).

Hey! I never said Dickens wasn't my cup of tea! I have enjoyed many, strike that. a lot, strike that too. Okay, I have enjoyed a few of his books. Just because I have failed to make it beyond chapter 2 of Bleak House... in how many years? and yes, I have kept trying occasionally.... but it's so BORING. And run-on sentence-y.

I'll have you know that when you said Oliver Twist, I thought that sounds interesting. I wonder how different it will be from the musical and the non-musical films of it. And so far, it has been interesting. We've just met Jack Dawkins and he's talking about his friend the respectable old gentleman. (somewhere in ch 8...).

I am not officially reading along with you... because we know how well that went on last time I was all official about it!

Also, I just finished The Splendid and the Vile by Erik Larson, about the first year that Churchill was prime minister. I liked it. I also liked reading about leaders who actually thought about what to do in a time of trouble.

I'm not reading much current fiction. I started a novel about a women who was time travelling through her own life (?) can't remember the title. Seems ok, but I just couldn't take the disconnect right now. I am reading a lot of non-fiction, some old fluff that I've read before, and now Oliver Twist. I am also reading about enneagrams and trying to understand what value they may have. So there's my nightstand.

An uncertain number of years ago, I looked at my every-increasing TBR pile of adult fiction, and thought about my ongoing inadequacies in staying up to date with children's books (a nontrivial concern for a children's librarian), and made an executive decision: now I only read books by women authors. It's not 100%, because the women in my book club don't follow that rule, and it's only adult fiction, not children's books. But that's my deal: #readmorewomen

So, alas, I will probably never read Dickens or Trollope, but let me know if you ever read Eliot or Gaskell. I still haven't read The Mill on the Floss. And I don't remember any of the details of Middlemarch.

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