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May 11, 2020


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Good luck on the door handle. I am envious of people who have robot vacuums! We found one a few years ago, cleaned it up and were happily using it in our cat-occupied house. We did find that in the second month, it kept getting clogged with cat toys, even after we had picked them up prior to vacuuming. It was determined that one of the vacuum-averse cats deduced that, if she put a cat toy in the Roomba path, the vacuum stopped working.

Does the $13 alternative do the trick? We have a stove knob that broke, and the authorized replacement is $55 plus shipping. The temptation to try a $14 alternative on Amazon is strong.

The casual antisemitism of most classic British authors makes me cringe and do the silent scream of horror, in equal measure. I do not appreciate encountering it in the mysteries and romances that are supposed to be diverting me.

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