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March 23, 2020


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I heard about this comment of his last night and could not believe it. Coupled with the Lt. Gov. from TX saying that he thought the elderly would be willing to die for their grandchildren and/or the economy, it made me pause to think about what a fantasy land the republicans live in right now. How did your parish respond to your article on the blog?

You know what's worrying me? People in nursing homes. My coworker's mom is in a memory-care unit (she's on the lesser end of the dementia spectrum but still). They've locked them all down in their rooms and she doesn't quite understand why they won't let her out. She told my coworker that she's upset she can't get out and just wants to give up and die. How many people are like this? How many WILL give up and die? What can we do to help them?

So many things to worry about. We need to figure out a way to help people who need it -- those that are out of jobs, laid off, etc.

Oh and another friend has family that works for Walmart -- their stock is through the roof right now. Not surprising.

You know what else? I keep seeing things like "X basketball player has donated $xxxx to help the workers at his arena" and similar and I just keep thinking HOW CAN YOU NOT? How can someone sit there with more money than they can possibly ever use and hear stories about people losing their jobs and not DO something?! I'm hoping the rich people are doing this on the down-low and we're just not hearing about it.

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