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March 27, 2020


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Kartoffel is very cute.

Well, a hamster is a really appropriate pet to have nowadays. The verb "hamstern" (which derives from Hamster) means hoarding in German,so the Internet in German speaking regions is full of jokes and memes of hamsters since people started to hoard like crazy because of the Corona-Crisis.
Greetings from an Austrian who stumbled across your blog sometime ago (heaven knows how) and enjoys to have a quick glimpse at the blog from time to time.

So I thought I'd try this and this is how it went:
NB We're not leaving the house except for absolutely essential things like medicines and our next grocery delivery will be Friday so I had use what I had.

Oh, I don't have many onions. Let's make a half quantity (first big mistake).
Hmm, I've got this stir-fry oil which says it's infused with garlic and ginger. That seems good. I also don't have any fresh ginger.
OK, 3 onions are frying in oil. Good.
Uhoh, I don't have any chopped tomatoes. Never mind, I've got loads of passata.
Uhoh, I don't have much coriander, or cumin. Let's chuck in some garam masala.

Get to the pressurising stage. Uhoh, it's not pressurising. Let's try it again. Still not pressurising. Do a little googling which suggests there's no enough liquid. Open it up and discover the bottom has caught. Try not to cry.

I've rescued most of it and blended it with my trusty stick blender and it tastes actually all right. So I shall try to make curry with it and see if anyone else in my house will eat it.

It's been a very long week. 2 adults working from home, 1 energetic 5 year old who doesn't want to do the (not particularly taxing) school work she's been set and 2 indoor cats who are very interested in the outside world now it's sunny.

We have survived thus far! I am extremely thankful for the trampoline we ordered as soon as we realised we were likely to be stuck at home for an unknown amount of time.

Thank you!! I love using the IP like this.

Curry update - it actually tasted OK. I browned some chicken, added the masala I'd manage not to burn (about a cup), added a little water and cooked it on high pressure for 5 minutes.
Everyone ate it and though nobody raved about it, I'll call that a win!

Excited to try the masala after I get some more onions. Thanks :)

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