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March 19, 2020


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Well, I’m definitely a “nah, nothing to worry about!” type, though even I’m second-guessing the recurrent (but not constant) mild fever, productive cough I’ve had for 3 weeks. I definitely had an ear infection, so I’ve been working from the premise that this is a secondary bacterial infection that needs antibiotics... maybe I’ll try a “virtual visit” with some available doctor... I don’t even have a Primary Care doc because I’ve been pregnant/nursing since 2005 (though not now, and maybe not again) and have only been treated by my OB since then!!

Been there. I developed a cough about three days ago. The nurse at work said that since it was productive, only at night, and that I have no fever it's probably just allergies. We all have to get our temperature taken when we report to work every day so...I guess that's something.

I hear you! My husband has his yearly bout of deep coughing that he's had since early February (a result of the pneumonia that almost killed him as a two-year-old.) But I still wonder... I was actually glad for a migraine aura, because it was very clear where the headache was coming from!

Are you me?

No, really, are you me?

I have been in an anxiety->shortness of breath/tight chest->more anxiety spiral. I think that finally lifted yesterday.

My spouse had a headache yesterday and I made him take his temperature before I would let him have any Tylenol.

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