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March 20, 2020


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I've shared this with local teacher friends, but never thought of you: hollyordway.com. (Also @HollyOrdway) She taught exclusively online for seven years, and has a wonderful bunch of suggestions.
I follow her on Twitter because I read her conversion story book published by Ignatius.

You *are* lucky to have a portable job (as I am too) an it *still* may be a pain ;-)
And thank youon the link for Brilliant, it did me good.

My spouse is able to work from home, I'm homeschooling, and so we have been able to StayTheFHome.

All last week was our spring break, and we let the kids play unlimited Minecraft with faraway friends while we adjusted. We had to set up another computer station in the schoolroom to spread them out a bit.

I just finished writing the lessons for the other family I co-school with. I dialed the expectations way back. We'll be using Discord, I think, to connect, but I'll be more tutor than teacher from here on out.

I have been trying to take an hour long walk every day. We are getting groceries delivered for the first time on Tuesday: I am hoping to avoid the physical stores completely, because we can. We committed to spending the normal amount of restaurant money on carryout from our favorite local places. I'm trying to figure out if I can pay my hairstylist directly for the appointment I was supposed to have next Saturday and then take a rain check on it. Same for the housecleaner who was scheduled to come the week after that.

Had a seriously bad day on Thursday in which all the anxiety and grief manifested in physical ailments (not, fortunately, cough and fever). I was better Friday.

Swinging back and forth between despair and hopefulness. Today was hopeful -- probably influenced by the fact that the sun was out and I got outside and I didn't have to go shopping.

Today the scouts put up a tent in the backyard and then the kids spent the afternoon playing cards out there, which was a welcome break from them running around the house or fighting over legos.

Update! I have managed to purchase a salon gift card for my haircut that won't be happening this week, and have interacted online with the salon owner who promised to pass the portion that I specified to the stylist as a tip. If I get to use the gift card later we will figure out how to shuffle it all out then.

Positive pregnancy test on Thursday. (And on Friday, and on Saturday...) A very much wanted baby, but oh man the timing. I can't think straight.

Oh, gosh, A Nonny Mouse! Prayers for you and the little one.

My job is portable and I already had experience teleworking so this is easier for me than anyone else in my family. My 15-year-old is adjusting to online school pretty easily. My wife is sharing your experience of converting her college biology classes to online. She has the added joy of converting a dissection-heavy lab...she got a head start when we cancelled our March 9 spring break trip to visit our older daughter in college...in Seattle. Daughter finished up winter quarter finals just this week, and at her school they have until the end of the coming spring break week to move out of their dorms--with substantial flexibility to leave their stuff and get it later if they have to (substantial compared to where my wife teaches, anyway). She's going to sublet an apt from a friend; she didn't want to come home to Indiana and do online school from a different time zone, even if classes end up being asynchronous. I worry about her the most.

I cancelled a hair appt and Venmo'd my stylist the money I would have spent. I opted not to take a rain check on the haircut; rather, I'm just helping keep her income what it would have been...and will pay her again whenever my hair is actually cut. And...who's seeing my hair except my family? (We don't use live video for work meetings, thank goodness!--takes up too much internet bandwidth--we'll leave that for you instructors that might have to do demos!!) We are also trying to get takeout from the locally owned restaurants we would normally go to, to help keep them afloat.

Yesterday we met my mom at my dad's grave (he died 13 months ago; yesterday was his birthday). It was hard not to hug her and so on, but we felt it was the right thing to do. And since we were outside, it was easy enough to keep a fair distance. Better than nothing.

I agree it's hard to figure out how hunkered down to be. Personally, I have no trouble just staying home, and we have plenty of nonperishables. But my wife has more trouble staying in and keeps wanting to grocery shop "one more time" in preparation for the inevitable shelter-in-place that we expect will start any day now. Our TP supply is fine for now. I am not averse to using ripped-up old T-shirts and washing, if we have to!

For entertainment, we are doing a lot of the normal things, but also pulling out craft kits that were given to the kids that they never did...the other night we did colored pencil color-by-number. My daughter and I did a singalong night at the piano (mostly Adele...perhaps Hamilton next time), and one night she announced that "in this time of uncertainty, we should all be doing karaoke to flush out toxins" (absurdity is a thing around here), so I do see some karaoke on the horizon.

I look forward to hearing about washi tape. Take care, Jamie & family (and everyone else!)

Grocery shopping has long been a minor hobby of mine, so I'm with Elwood. We are also not having any luck finding toilet paper, and my three-year-old enjoys using a lot of toilet paper, so...this could get interesting.

My husband and I both have relatively portable jobs and have been moved to remote work...but as of tomorrow and until further notice, my kids' daycare is closed. One of the kids is an infant, the other still too young for much alone time. So, longish explanation short, the most workable current plan is for me to start doing half-days and patching the gaps with vacation/sick/personal time, which would stretch I think about six weeks if I drained it all. After that...this could get interesting. But not dire, at least not for a long time after that point, so we'll see what happens.

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