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March 26, 2020


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I just noticed your Pandemic tag. I guess I should make one of those.

Settling in to a new routine has helped me, I think. I am glad you’re feeling better.

p.s. I meant to tell you—I said a rosary for you this afternoon. Luminous mysteries, my favorite.

Thank you SO MUCH for your post about Susie. I have a child dealing a little with intrusive thoughts, and we haven't figured out who/how/what to go about actually addressing the thing. I read your post with her - I think it helped a bit to get some perspective. Like a weird aunt - Mr. F's aunt? Haven't finished Little Dorrit yet, so perhaps that is a dangerous comparison, if she turns out to be a prophet....

Re: pandemic #s, I was thinking that my math training helped me, but the flip side is you have to remember others truly don't get the power behind exponential growth.... The numbers look so ridiculous, and if you don't trust numbers because they are always behaving in unexpected (to you) ways, then why would you believe them? Another cost of math illiteracy

Mandamum, there is a good children’s book called “Outsmarting Worry: An older kid’s guide to managing anxiety” that really helped my 10yo with intrusive thoughts this year.

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