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March 05, 2020


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Thank you for writing tonight. I’m so sorry for your losses and near losses large and small. I too am experiencing the barrage of sadnesses, disappointments, scary portents, and general things-being-hard. Warren’s suspension of her campaign hit me much harder than I expected even though I knew she probably wouldn’t make it all the way, and this was obviously the moment she had to stop. It all feels like an assault, tonight.

I am so sorry for your losses. Losing someone from the College era is a weird and horribly blow.

Can I ask why you don’t support Tulsi? She’s smart and strong more prolife than Warren and committed to ending our role in senseless murderous wars. I’m not clear why many Warren supporters haven’t pivoted. Would genuinely like to hear your perspective.

Oh, I have missed reading your blog. Maybe you've been continuously writing, I don't know. But every single thing you say makes me nod uncontrollably. I can't comment on your presentation post but I'm so happy and proud that you persevered and got to see that through to a paying seminar audience.

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