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February 25, 2020


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LOL, at our elementary school there is one person with a bullhorn at drop off and pick up reminding parents not to get out of their cars. If you plan to get out of your car you must park in a real parking spot or they will be yelling at you with a bullhorn in short order. Stop drop and roll.

Every now and then I misjudge my timing and get stuck in the pickup line at our parochial school when I have to run down to church for something. Nothing reinforces my determination to keep homeschooling than the pickup line.

"Nothing reinforces my determination to keep homeschooling than the pickup line."

When Dom was working in a parish we were there to visit him one day during the week, I forget why. And I noticed that parents were already in the parking lot claiming their pickup line spots. An hour before school got out.

Yeah, one reason I homeschool, so I tell everyone, is that I'm too lazy to deal with getting kids out of the door and to and from school. By which I suppose I really mean that it's a non-preferred task. Homeschooling is probably more work, but it can be done in the comfort of my own home and doesn't require pick up lines, teacher conferences, and getting out the door in the mornings.

I guess we all pick our poison and this is mine.

John Ruskin's mother WENT TO COLLEGE WITH HIM. Not sure about her umbrella-holding practices, but...

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