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February 09, 2020


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My daughter is not quite as far away, but she’s a freshman in college and has had a rough start to winter term because she participated in sorority rush and received no bids. It was a grueling heart breaker. It took her a few weeks to find her footing again but last week she was back to normal and excited to go to a party. She called me from the party because they were playing dance music we had enjoyed together when she was 13 and going to bat mitzvah parties. It was such a sweet moment. I said goodbye, got ready for bed, and then had a small anxiety attack about her hearing. Did I need to send her ear plugs for these parties?

This part of parenting seems so much harder.

Mama Gladly, I 100% agree with you about the dangers of the ocean and sushi and caves! But I also recall how proud you are of your children when they independently manage the world around them. It does seem different when you are not there to "spot" them.

You inspire me to be the mom who offers help to younger mothers. Keep up the good work.

Hmm, uh-oh. Was I wrong in thinking that I'll feel less anxious about my kids' safety once they're old enough to take partial/majority ownership of it? In no way trying to start a Parent Worry Olympics, but some days I would gladly take the dangers of Malaysian sushi over my brain running unlikely horror films of me accidentally leaving my baby in a too-hot or too-cold car, or over the perpetual baby-gear warning stickers of, "This product is meant to increase your child's safety, AND IF YOU USE IT WRONG HE/SHE MIGHT DIE."

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