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December 11, 2019


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I just took one of those quizzes and was feeling pretty good about it. I scored in the bottom 6%. I’m horrible with faces and hate that there are a lot of people I only see a few times per year and I can never tell them a part. Hair and other cues are my friend. I struggled for a whole season when I coached volleyball. My mom is also notoriously bad at this so I think there is a genetic component.

Just to help you out, Oprah is a lot more dark complexion than Tom Cruise.

You're welcome.

I'm terrible at facial recognition and it comes up when I try to read graphic novels, which I'm also terrible at. It's a bit of a joke in my family by now because I definitely prefer when everyone is drawn as a different animal because I can usually tell an elephant from a hedgehog but a girl with a high forehead from one with bangs? Not likely.

It's not quite at the point where I mistake my kids for a hat but I've definitely driven past them on the street, especially if they are standing still instead of moving. And yes, I've missed Tom Cruise.

YES! Not only have I waved enthusiastically at a stranger, I have actually jogged toward (who I thought was) an old high school pal with my arms open wide for a hug. In truth, I have two strong memories of doing so. Both times, the stranger was startled, froze, then dodged my advance.

I just took a random online facial recognition quiz and learned that 93% of participants performed better than me. Haha!

The next time we see each other, Dr. Gladly, shall we announce our names?

Perhaps you'd like to hear the story of how I attempted friendliness and introduced myself to someone at a department function and he said, "Hi, it's [x]" as in person I'd worked with for a couple of years, but then he did a rotation at another office and grew a beard.

A beard is enough to fool me.

I'm not completely face blind. But I'm also really not good at recognizing people and especially at placing them when they are seen out of context. And I'm not good at keeping track of people in movies where there are a lot of people who generally look fairly similar. Like Dead Poets Society, a lot of clean cut young men who all sort of look alike to me. Or most war movies.

Eerily similar to my experience. I wonder if it runs in families?

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