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November 30, 2019


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As a former LLL leader and doula, now retired from both due to health issues, I just want to thank you for this. I was with LLL in the 70's-80's and we have come so far (with great success, overall), but you are spot on when you say "lot of parenting, in my view, is about creating supportive contexts that let kids show you what they can do, and offering them frequent low-stress opportunities to practice." I raised 4 kids, and have 9 grandchildren, I've followed your blog for years (since you lost your baby), and love how you think! I admire you greatly.

WOW, this post brings back so many memories of nearly 18 years ago when my first born wouldn't latch for a whole month!!! Sigh...

The only thing that did the trick, was using an SNS for over 10 days with a football hold while pumping around the clock. It was INSANE. 7-8 hours a day (since it took him a lot of time for him to suck at the breast without a latch just with the milk coming through the tubing). He finally it figured out, at 32 days of life... and then it was great and I nursed him until he was 4!

I wish I had known this technique of putting the baby close to the breast and let him explore.

Thanks for this post!

Not for the first time, I wish you lived near me. I wish I could have heard you say this last year, when I was hearing only 'move her in faster' and 'make her latch on'. There is so much aggression in that approach, and so much compassion in yours.

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