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October 30, 2019


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I am walking beside you, friend, and hoping that eventually, we will feel whole again. Love and strength to you. Xoxoxo

Ugh, I'm sorry. We went through a family crisis last summer, but it's the sort of thing that's long-term, so it's still there. It stinks. I pulled out my sun lamp, too.

Long-term stress and long-term crises are the worst. It's so hard to lead a normal life when they're occurring (and even after) because they're always providing an added level of difficulty even after we're accustomed to their presence.

I am going through a year-long (so far) crisis in my family life as well and I feel perpetually tired, run-down, and lack motivation. Even when I am having fun, I don't really feel like I am having fun. So I empathize with your situation and I hope it gets better soon. Email if you want to chat. :)

That is so exhausting. We went through a family crisis this spring and I lost 8 weeks of work. I theoretically was working most of that time, but nothing got done, or done well. You're in my prayers and the email is always open.

I'm so sorry. Things are weird here too and I'm wondering if it's a similar root cause because I know we have some things in common with out stressors. Reach out to be by e-mail or phone if you want to talk.

I am glad that you are seeing a counselor. I can not handle the stress of our life without mine, though I seem to be able to go less now than last year. Our stress will never quite go away so it is hard sometimes to keep going, and the grief just cycles around and around at times.

Praying for you, my friend. Life is so complicated, but I keep reminding myself that God is still here with us.

I spent a year drowning due to a perfectly ordinary family crisis. There is no such thing as taking too good care of yourself, from the counselor to the SAD light, they are all good things that you deserve.

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