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July 11, 2019


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(It has always unnerved me, too, when a post I write gets a flurry of readers far outpacing my norm!)

What is a 9x9 KenKen??

Severely limiting carbs and refined sugar seems to be 90% of the battle for me.

Only vegetables and water, no protein? I have completed 1 Whole 30 and 2 aborted attempts. I felt the best ever, but it is very labor intensive and not sustainable. The first time, hubby was on board so that made it easier.

I should attempt it for Lent. Once I make that commitment, there’s no backing down.

Oh, gosh, Lynn, that would be miserable! I ate everything BUT sugar, always making sure to include 5 servings of veggies.

I completed a Whole 30 but I think all my extra energy went to scrubbing out scrambled egg pans. I still try to avoid scrambled eggs. Eating lots of veggies sounds much more manageable :)

I've been thinking about the old days of blogging this week, too. As I responded to Simcha and so did Darwin and then a lovely commenter on my blog did too and I spent a long time wandering on her site. And I'd forgotten the thrill of discovering a new blog and going back and reading all those old posts and wanting to comment on them all, but not wanting to seem like a creep or to overwhelm the poor blogger.

I was perplexed by the email having been sent to you, I hadn't thought about a giant email mix up, though that's rather comical to contemplate.

Eating lots of veggies sounds really attractive but also 5 servings a day sounds totally overwhelming at this point. I think it's going to remain more of an aspirational, long-term goal than something I can realistically do. Sigh.

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