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July 31, 2019


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The whole thing about rock climbing to jump into water and/or swing out over water to fall in and/or cliff diving etc etc leaves me quaking simply because that's how I shattered my kneecap when I was twenty — summer camp kids I was teaching plus rope swing off the cliff and drop in water equals yay, right?! No, there were boulders concealed under the surface of the water.

Your mileage may vary ... I'm sure that most people most of the time don't get injured! But, ya know, for me? Never again **shudder**

My children accuse me of raising them to be too fearful of hazards, and they are correct (although I think there are some genetic temperament issues they might fruitfully consider, before they blame my overt parenting choices). I often best myself up about this — other people’s kids (my siblings’ kids) are so much braver! I have failed!

But thinking about zombie ents, I might be okay with that for today. (I’m lying: I mostly feel like I failed. Except: they were cautious and careful right from the start! I have video! Gah. This season of frantic total re-evaluation of all my parental choices cannot end too soon.)

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