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July 22, 2019


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A woman had her purse snatched the other day at our local pharmacy. The one just up the street where I run when we are out of milk or eggs. When I ran out to get milk Dom quipped, watch your purse. At least I choose to believe it was a joke and not a warning. I choose to believe that lightning isn't going to strike twice in the same place and I'm not any less safe running in for milk now than I was last week. I suppose it's a good reminder to be vigilant, but at the same time how much can a body stand to be vigilant everywhere all the time?

I don't know what I'd decide about the trail or the 10 year old. Parenting is hard and we can't just shuck our context, much as I'd like to be a Dutch parent, alas.

And I'm really curious about the context in which the "dropping" developed. We read The Winged Watchman not too long ago and I can imagine that in post WW2 Netherlands people had firsthand experience of how tough and resourceful children could be. I wonder if if somehow developed out of the context of people who grew up in an occupied country where vast numbers of people starved and where children were often forced into roles of provider, forager, messenger, and spy.

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