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May 06, 2019


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read this yesterday, didn't have time to comment. I am incredibly depressed because yes, it is a gorgeous month, but I am not done grading. Many many hours in front of the computer await me. It's SUPER upsetting and depressing, but it's life. I love the way you end the post, you write so well! Maybe if I wrote well I'd do better in academia? Maybe if I had more self-confidence and assertiveness things would be better... sigh... I always feel so despondent about so many things. Sorry to bother you! Glad you were super productive! I graded exams on Sunday then I went to the gym and pool at the university with my husband and younger son and... then I completely forgot I meant to apply for a teaching grant whose deadline was midnight on Sunday! I remembered at 12:40 am. I was so upset!

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