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May 30, 2019


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Regarding garter snakes... they have live young and a litter can contain anywhere from 3 to 80 young. So vast quantities seem appropriate. I learned this day when K's summer snake gave birth to 30 babies in the aquarium on our 3 season porch. Not my favorite thing. I also hate snakes, even if they are good for the ecosystem.

I love garter snakes. I miss them. Decades ago, when I was a child here in the town in which I still live, we had healthy populations. When my eldest was growing up in the ‘90s, we still saw them regularly. My teens and I have never seen one, during their lifetimes. So sad to witness the decline of a local population.

I love garter snakes. We used to catch them if we could. But I used to live in a locale with NO poisonous snakes. Now we have not only the regular Diamondback Rattlesnakes, but also the Mojave Green, which is aggressive and will charge you, apparently. So probably now I'd be less excited about *any* slither anywhere in my yard. But all the lizards with clearly marked legs are all welcome. A clearly marked garter snake would probably be welcome too... after we triple-checked it was carrying proper papers ;-)

We have 2 swamp coolers in our house, both in windows (1 each floor), and they provide a powerful lot of fan-age. I would say 1) it's absolutely better than nothing, but not as good as a whole-house installed more integrally would have been, 2) it's a wind tunnel when you get right up against them and very loud when they turn on, and 3) the rooms farthest from the installation (upstairs) still stay pretty stifling, even though there is clearly a pressure gradient built up, because there are just too many corners and baffles. Also, to allow them to do their work all night, we have to leave all bedroom doors open, which makes it more disturbing when someone else gets up or turns on a light. BUT cheaper than debt-by-AC here in the Mojave Desert, and works in all but the hottest heat-waves since we're so dry.

Love snakes! My mother does not which is why she was unhappy when she found my pet garter snake in her kitchen once and then the next time he escaped we never found him. Snakes need aquariums with tight lids if they live indoors.

Garter snakes? Burn the whole neighborhood. Because they're snakes. Whole house window fan? Yes, please. You can experiment with this by setting a box fan (facing out) in front of the open window and opening only selected windows, such as the one right at the head of your bed, to get a delicious flow of cool air. It's like a restorative miracle. Just make sure the windows are closed in any areas you don't want to cool because every open window diminishes the effectiveness in other parts of the house.

Late to this party, but posting because I should be doing grades.

Snakes. Hm. Depends whether we're talking about the ones that haunted my dreams in grad school (snake as dissertation)...or the garter snakes that live under our front step, or under the hosta.

I'm honestly sort of sad that we don't appear to have either Snake or Son of Snake on our front lawn this year, as we have in the past. Cute little garter snakes, with zippy racing stripes. Fun for the whole family.
One year, I opened the door to get the mail, and found Son of Snake basking on the front walk. Since we live on Juniper Street, I dubbed him Titanaboa Juniperensis...and used the side door instead.

But I'm not sad enough to stick a hand under the hosta to check.

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