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May 11, 2019


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Oh, that is wonderful!! So much better and more useful and rewarding that our "purely academic" disciplines. Sigh...

[please forgive me the self-centered rant below, I don't mean any disrespect,I'm simply "thinking out loud" to myself which is what I do in these comment sections -- and thus I write super ridiculously long comments. It goes without saying that I am thrilled you had a happy time with the graduating students, and I enjoyed reading about your relationship with them over the years, and about your program.] The rant:

I guess I shouldn't feel bad that I have a crappy job. It is the truth after all, that those who choose to study entirely impractical, abstract things such as "literature" are kind of "doomed" to obscurity (hahaha). I still remember the sting of a news article poking horrible and blatant fun of my discipline (something like parents cried if their kids tole them they chose to major in it). I wrote a blog post about it at the time (10 years ago, probably!!). I guess I'm still bitter about it. Sigh...

Anyway, I apologize once more for pretty much being a "jerk." I know you will understand how I feel and why.

Wow! 100%. That's amazing.

I have a lot of complicated feelings that partially echo those of L-Mama(e) about literature degrees.

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