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April 27, 2019


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Prayers for your SA#1. I am so sorry. The SAs in my life have been sober for a number of years now, by the grace of God. Life is hard.

Happy birthday to your boyo! :-)

Awaiting flowers and warmth here, too. Snow yesterday!

Would love to read some classic Dickens in a low-key way. Prayers for your SA#1, and for your peace of mind. And yes, could it get warm already? We've gone, in the course of this very day, from damp, drizzly, and winter coats, to yard work extravaganza (but you still need a sweater inside).

Good luck with SA #1. Going through something with the SA in my life. It is never easy.

Glad to hear from you and very sorry about SA#1. :(

I was able to plant yesterday, after having to wait on a delivery from the fundraiser-bought plants. It was a HOT day but I'm more excited about my garden this year than I have been in a long time. HOPE springs eternal.

...delivery OF the plants. Of.

I am very disappointed in your president for not making your tenure decision final already. (I am assuming they are done in a batch and your crown and sash are held up by the need for debate about other candidates, but ::exasperated exhalation and eye-roll::)

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