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March 15, 2019


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Amen, my friend.

Beautiful! I love the image of the baby's head juxtaposed with the gray hairs.

My aunt recently shared a photo of herself on vacation. She's got fewer gray hairs than I do and it made me smile a bit to think that, sigh, I'm not going to go that way. I don't begrudge her. She looks fabulous. But even if I were already less inclined to dying, my many allergies to fragrances and chemicals make hair dye such a very bad bet for me such that i'm really not willing to gamble. So it's out of my hands, really. I shall keep on graying.

But I actually like my silver threads. They're handsome, I think. They catch the light when I'm flossing or brushing in front of the mirror and I'm kind of vain about how pretty they are. I wonder if I'll feel the same when they've taken over my head.

Well...since I decided to be a redhead at age 18 I'm still dyeing it red...over gray now rather than over brown. I've thought about going gray/purple but never just gray.

I love this. I started graying quite early (32, I think, when it was noticeable), so this speaks to me. Thank you for not judging either path more or less virtuous. ;)

I think I could pull off a lovely salt and pepper, but my current frazzled crop of a few grey hairs is clustered below my temples instead of mixing evenly or creating a striking swoop of grey. It's disappointing really. But looking at my mother and grandmother, this is probably it for me, a few unpleasantly placed wires while my friends busily dye over the grey I wish I had.

I like to think of it as free highlights! :)

And, on a COMPLETELY unrelated note...wonder what you think of Joan Aiken's books? (Esp. the Wolves Chronicles)

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